We want you to work with the best possible tools so that all the effort you put into generating traffic is maximized. That's why we custom design our own tools, because we just know what works best.

Professional Video Landing Pages

Tired of wasting time and money on average looking sales pages? With CrakRevenue, you benefit from unique professional-grade video landing pages tailored to your visitors needs.

  • Dozens of customized tours for higher traffic qualification
  • Optimized design and navigation for maximum lead generation
  • Easy step-by-step sign-up process that converts

High CTR-Banners & ad tools

Every CrakRevenue ad tool is created in-house by experienced marketers who understand the need to design ads that result in significant ROI.

  • Large selection of custom banners in many sizes and formats
  • Our ad tools are meticulously tested and benefit from continuous in-house optimization.

Flexible Stats Tracking

CrakRevenue tracks your stats using a custom-built infrastructure that benefits from the most advanced technology.

  • Auto-generated trackers with custom identification
  • Automated source and device tracking
  • Encrypted affiliate links for enhanced privacy and security

Advanced Geo-targeting

We are highly specialised in Geo-Targeting - that is how we can offer only the best converting offers available for each region.

  • Exclusive ad tools that displays the best offers based on the niche and geo-location of your visitors.
  • Users are directed to a page in their language.
  • Geo-specific stats reports displayed by country for clicks, earnings, epc, ratios, etc.

Comprehensive Knowledge Base

We are in this for the long haul and unlike other networks we know exactly what the affiliate needs and wants, as our background in the adult industry is vast and varied. We work closely with our affiliates to get them all the tools and expertise they need to be successful.

  • Growing selection of guides and tutorials on traffic generation, monetization, etc.
  • Latest news, useful tips shared weekly through our blog and newsletter.

Would you mine for gold with a plastic fork? No.
You need the right tools to do the job. When it comes to making money online, we've got the right tools for you. START PROMOTING TODAY